“I am pleased to inform you that Tristar Software has completed EFSP technical certification for Odyssey eFileCA.” ~ Tyler EFSP Specialist

Clients can search for existing cases…


Check on details of the filing(s)…..check on fees


Find all the documents….


Obtain a detailed summary of an initial filing….


…and search for completed filings


Tristar is pleased to offer a state of the art eFiling solution into courts using the Tyler Odyssey system in California!

Courts Accepting E-Filings
The following courts are now accepting e-filed records:

  • Alameda Superior Court
  • Fresno Superior Court
  • Kern Superior Court
  • Kings Superior Court
  • Merced Superior Court
  • Monterey Superior Court
  • Orange Superior Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • San Luis Obispo Superior Court
  • Santa Barbara Superior Court
  • Santa Clara Superior Court
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court
  • San Mateo Superior Court

Coming Soon
Additional courts will soon be accepting e-filed records:

  • Alameda Non-Criminal
  • Los Angeles Probate Court
  • Napa Superior Court
  • Sutter Superior Court
  • Yuba Superior Court



Tristar can offer a custom solution that no other EFSP can.   A website branded to fit the look for you!  It comes completely integrated into your client facing process serving web portal and it comes with an integrated back end.  Tracking your invoices and setting up flexible billing schedules is a snap!  Tristar Software is not an attorney service company, we are a full time software company dedicated to providing the best product for you!


Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out what we can help your business adapt to the fast paced ever evolving attorney service industry!