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v885 Release Notes are now available. Check out what we have been working on HERE.



v884 Release Notes are now available. Check out what we have been working on HERE.



v883 Release Notes are now available. Check out what we have been working on HERE.



v882 Release Notes are now available. Check out what we have been working on HERE.




v881 Release Notes are now available. Check out what we have been working on HERE.



The Tristar PaySimple Integration has now made it to the next phase.  Check out new options in the AR Module that include Setting up Payment Types in your Apply Cash drop down menu for not only cash and check payments but also credit card payments and ACH!!  Find out more HERE.



v880 Release Notes are available for your viewing pleasure.  Click HERE for the scoop.



Tristar Software has partnered with PaySimple so that you can offer the ability for your customers to pay their bills online!  Find out more HERE.



We loved gathering all of our customers ideas for adding cool new features and functionality to our WinServe+ software program. Our much anticipated Customer Appreciation release v878 is here! Dive in to find out more HERE.



v877 Release Notes now available.  Click HERE for the latest list of amazingness.



Only a few more days to get in your feedback for our 2017 Customer Appreciation Release!  Please send your ideas, feedback, wishes, nice-to-haves, new features, comments, new program specs for WinServe+ to by November 30, 2016.  We will be reviewing all submissions in the month of December and announcing the winning features in the first part of 2017!!  Version 878 release will be just for YOU!



It’s official!  Tristar Software is EFSP certified and can now offer custom branded eFiling web portals that integrate on the back end with our current software program solutions! We KNOW you want to click HERE to find out more….



876 Release Notes now available! Click HERE to be wowed.



ePouch Phase II.  We added the ability to send information back upstream to the company that originated the order, including attachments! Click HERE for more details.



We have spent the better part of 2016 working to become an EFSP with Tyler Technology California courts.  We are currently pending EFSP certification and expect to have our branded web portals with an integrated accounting package ready in the coming weeks.



Have you had a chance to download the latest version of WinServe Mobile for Android and iPhone?  You can check out the newest features in WinServe Mobile version 2.8.6 HERE.



875 Release Notes now available!  Click HERE for the latest and greatest.



Our office has moved!! We are now located at 7350 Morro Road Atascadero, CA 93422.  Please look out for our formal notification in this months invoice.



GPS Stamping on all photo captures is now available in WinServe Mobile! Click for DETAILS



Aaaaaaaand…….We are back! We have taken a lapse in blogging to streamline our website and offer you an experience of a lifetime in communication and technology!  Our latest, most significant version release was 873!  Wondering what’s new and improved?  Click HERE for Release Notes v873



What’s new in version 872? Take a look at our Release Notes v872 HERE



Attention iPhone users only: We pushed out an update to the iphone app for WinServe Mobile v2.5.  The immediate push will now capture and submit properly formatted GPS coordinates automatically.  This update should automatically occur upon next sign in.  However, ff you or your servers is experiencing an issue with their WinServe Mobile app (iPhone only) please uninstall and reinstall your app for proper functionality.



Attention California and Arizona companies! Do you cover court services in return for a monthly retainer? Do you feel bogged down by the amount of work involved in tracking “free” court service work?  Are you tired of your billable work being muddied up with retainer work?  We have your solution! Tristar Software has analyzed the way several companies manage their retainer court service work and came up with a solution that is simple and efficient for both attorneys and attorney service companies! You’ll be able to provide your clients with real time status updates and track their work without clogging your lifeline of billable work. The Retainer Tracker, along with the new online retainer order and buck slip generating system, is an excellent suite of tools for companies who are looking for a clean way to maintain their retainer filings.



We have so much to be grateful for and we hope you know just how much we appreciate you!  Click here to see more…..



We recognize the importance of providing a secure online portal to offer your records retrieval clients the ability to enter orders online and download records, when available. Hence, our release of the WinCopy Document Repository!! Please contact us at if you would like to learn more.  Better yet, click here for a showcase video of the new WinCopy Document Repository.



CalsPro 2015 Meet & Greet Invitation.  Click here



8.66 Release Notes

WinServe Plus: Auto-email configuration allows clients to custom create their own email templates.

When dispatching an address to a server, you can now include the WorkOrder AND one (1) PDF attachment in the email!

A new display of “FILE THIS PROOF” is now present when rating a workorder.

ePouch Phase 1 has newly added fields. Milestones are now listed alphabetically.

WinCopy: Wincopy Document Repository is now available for implementation!



One of our development goals for 2015 has been met!  The Collections Module is a special add on feature now located within the WinServe Plus accounting program.  Once activated, the module will offer a new, streamlined view, displaying an overview of your customer accounts that include 30/60/90/120 day outstanding balances.  You can easily identify the delinquent accounts that require attention and generate a dynamic collection letter for the entire account or for an individual invoice. Pretty powerful stuff!  Please contact us at if you would like to learn more or wish to add this module to your current suite of program modules.



It’s Here! WinServe Mobile v2.0 has been released! You are probably wondering what’s all the fuss….. Click here to find out.



Can you take the heat?  Irina Nordstrom will be heading to the 2015 APSA/AALPI Conference in Phoenix, Arizona to represent Tristar Software in a panel discussion for optimizing case management technology for process servers and private investigators.  For more information, click here.



Do you have your own server? Or are you operating on the Tristar cloud?  Here’s a true story of one client who’s hard drive failure led to a domino effect of disaster recovery.  Click here to read more.



Hey New Yorkers! Don’t let the DCA get you down. We know compliance and we have your back! Tristar has expanded on its already comprehensive set of DCA reports so that you can be rest assured knowing you and your business are fully COMPLIANT. Our reports for DCA compliance are part of the WinServe Plus/Pro program specific for our clients located in the state of New York.



WinServe Mobile v2.0 is about to release for both Android and iPhone! We will let you know once it’s ready. In the meantime, are you curious to find out what’s new and improved? Click here to learn more…



8.63 Release Notes

We developed more flexible billing options and an ability to interface with QuickBooks. Click here for more detail…

8.62 Release Notes

We created the new and improved WinServe Plus ePouch!



A Peek into the CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators) 2015 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada

Complete article here by Doug Livengood



Announcing New & Improved ePouch

Tristar Software recognizes the importance of job sharing between WinServe clients. Our development team has taken this need to new heights and successfully improved its development for release as WinServe Plus ePouch! This exclusive feature allows the secure trading of process and court jobs between Tristar clients using WinServe Plus/Pro.

Read More….



Top 10 Gadgets Recommended by Private Investigator’s

As you are aware, it has become essential to stay abreast of the latest surveillance technology to successfully do your job in the private investigations industry. That means keeping on top of the latest gadgets and testing their use in the field. Being prepared for anything is the name of the game when conducting surveillance. Regardless of the type of surveillance, there are many basic items that every investigator should have in their vehicle and on the job.

Complete article here, by Irina Nordstrom



Onboarding Care Copy Services, our newest WinCopy client!

I have been a part of the attorney legal support service world for all of 61 days. As Senior Account Executive at Tristar Software, I would like to share my experience on boarding a new WinCopy client and addressing the overwhelming task of switching software.   Take a look at the notes here!



Smartphone Update!

We have published the largest update to our smartphone program WinserveMobileTake a look at the notes here!



8.59 Release notes

In version 8.59 we did custom work for a large client.  Nothing we can share here.



8.58 Release notes

In version 8.58 we streamlined a few of our import queues and updated our client web portal.



Irina Nordstrom investigates 5 common mistakes made by attorney service companies. 



8.57 Release notes

In version 8.57 we continued working on the new smartphone applications and streamlined the online order entry process.  We even added a file and serve job type which streamlines the order online process quite a bit.



8.56 Release notes

In version 8.56 we gave some love to Wincopy by retooling the record retrieval dispatch board foundation in a way which greatly improves performance.  Additionally, we implemented a wincopy prepayment feature, added a statistical report (user, # of facilities, # of invoices, # of statuses), we also plumbed menu security through the dispatch board, and updated a couple reports.



8.55  Release notes

In version 8.55 we improved the WinservePlus dashboard filter, added more accounting reports but the feature we are most proud of is our new custom statement feature.  This powerful feature allows clients who use Winserve, Wincopy or winvestations (or all three) to create flexible native pdf statements which the system can email to your clients.  Click here for more



8.54 Release notes

In version 8.54 we added 3rd party billing capabilities, a handful of proprietary features for a couple large clients and a nifty tool for importing batch jobs from excel! Click here to learn more!


How much time and money could you save if you never again sent your server to an incorrect or non existent address? Well Tristar Software is here to help. With our new address verification module you can have the address checked against a national database of known addresses. click here for more on Address Verification.



California’s Copy Fee Schedule has it wrong

In an era of overreaching government, we should expect bad laws and stupid regulations, but the recent workers compensation appeals board’s reach into the litigation support fee schedules is at least misguided and quite possibly toxic to the fair representation of citizens in California. As a consultant to the industry and software designer, I have seen many sides to this issue and the effort and technology that are required to properly provide the required records. To understand the costs, we have to take a short look at the process.

Complete article here, by Doug Livengood



8.53 Release Notes

Version 8.53 was published early in November with several minor feature updates.  Release notes  click here.




8.52 Release Notes

Version 8.52 was published early in October and with came many useful new features.  One of the biggest changes our clients will see is our first stab at a dash board with queue counters and a quick search feature.   Other features include a diligence tracker which helps you keep track of the days since last attempt, new system emails when sending clients quick diligence updates and order confirmation emails.  For a more detailed write up of new features click here.