“West Coast Legal Service has used Tristar software for over 25 years! I never hesitate to recommend Tristar to anyone. Their team is always responsive and innovative. The Tristar Software team really listens to the needs of my company and makes it all happen.”
-Mary McDowell, Operations Manager | West Coast Legal Service

Records Retrieval

The records retrieval industry is fast paced and unforgiving! “WinCopy,” provides you with the solutions you need today by increasing your productivity and profits. It’s a complete photocopy solution, giving fast order entry and effortless document production.  Wincopy can be used for securing records in Worker’s CompensationDeposition for Business Records, Medical Authorizations as well as many other subpoena types.

Our integrated tickler system keeps important tasks for the day at your fingertips and provides peace of mind while balancing a heavy workload. WinCopy’s strong quality assurance and testing programs deliver rock solid solutions. Quality is what has kept us on top!

Using Wincopy to manage tasks and provide better customer service is effortless. Tristar Software provides an easy to use program along with in depth training that will get you up to speed fast. As you grow, new staff members are able to become productive quickly with our straightforward order entry system.

WinCopy’s document production is a leader in the industry. You can produce all your subpoenas, instructions, and letters fully integrated and ready to be served and/or mailed. Subpoena preparation has never been so easy! You can also use WinCopy’s integrated email status system to quickly send statuses to your client.

WinCopy takes full advantage of Microsoft’s SQL server, giving it the power and flexibility to support  your records retrieval company. You can connect users in your local office as well as offices all over the state and/or nation. There is no limit to your company’s growth potential within the WinCopy software system. With high speed, low cost digital copiers/laser printers your staff can eliminate document accumulation as well as the copying step, therefore saving you time and money!

WinCopy’s integrated A/R gives you the key data required to track your monthly invoices and payments. Accurate statements and month-end reports keep you informed and stress free.  Calculating finance charges, printing witness fee checks from the program, flexible billing options and dynamic statements makes controlling the cash flow in your records retrieval department a breeze.   Our experience in the attorney service industry has helped us build accounts receivable system tailored to your specific needs.

We know your needs and speak your language with over 30 years of experience in the all facets of the Attorney Service industry including the document recovery industry. Over the years we’ve continuously made programs focused on making your job easier. Because of this we’ve been able to design cutting edge solutions for the photocopy industry as well. Tristar’s friendly and knowledgeable staff provides you the expert systems support required in today’s fast-paced world.  If you’re looking to add records retrieval to your attorney service business or if you’re already a professional photocopier and document reproduction is your bread and butter,  Wincopy has all of the tools necessary for your Records Retrieval business.