“Taking great pride in being a customer service company that serves process, Due Process  USA could not have reached our current status without Tristar Software’s WinservePlus software program.

Getting information to and from our clients, as well as our servers, has been streamlined in such a way that Winserve Plus has been the number one reason for an increase in our productivity and customer satisfaction in the last 18 months.”

-Adam H. Parker, President/ Due Process USA

WinServe Plus | Process Server Software

Our WinServe Plus program is a complete solution to your attorney services software needs. The program is a windows based application which sits atop Microsoft SQL server. WinServe Plus can be hosted in-house on your own server, or in the cloud. WinServe Plus allows you to rate and bill jobs with minimal user interaction. You no longer have to process orders, dispatch work, and bill your clients separately. With WinServe Plus you can stay up-to-the-minute with your Process Serving, Legal Courier and Court service workflow. Our program includes an audit report so you can audit your own service attempts. You’ll never be without rock solid documentation of diligence and the final status of your serves.



Integrated Dispatch Board

Are you still using a white board to stay atop of your work? One of the industry features in WinServe Plus is our color coded dispatch board. Perhaps you’re used to printing work as progress reports. With the WinServe Plus program, we give you a dynamic work in progress list which can easily be filtered based on due dates, server, customer, and type of job, all keeping you up to speed in real time of your workflow. The dispatch board is feature rich, offering functionality such as auto-assign server, ability to request status from servers, mapping and auto email features. Simply put: our dispatch board makes tracking efficient and easy. Due to the flexibility of the dispatch board, you can serve 50 papers a month or 20,000. Do you have a need for managing your couriers, court filings, or clerical specials? Our dispatch board combines all three lines of business into one dynamic board which can be customized to fit your business needs. You can choose to focus on a single driver or server and still get an overview of work across your entire company. These dispatch views allow you to quickly track your work-flow to meet the demands of your clients. All information obtained from the board can easily be converted into an excel report, if desired. Clients who use our dispatch board effectively get more work done with less office manpower. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Single Page Order Entry Screen

You have the option to utilize our convenient single page order entry screen for fast, efficient data entry for all your orders.  The quick order form dynamically changes based on the job type your select, to create a streamlined, relevant experience for you and your dispatcher.  The system will intuitively store your most recently used customers and correlate a dropdown list of attorneys and contacts.  The court selection will drive the proof/affidavit form options to again, facilitate ease of the order entry process.  Please inquire about our Smarty Streets Address Verification feature and the program’s ability to Suggest a Server to assign based on ratings and/or zip code coverage area!  You customize your experience further by managing your document list to serve, your priority due dates and special instructions. Attachments are easy to add and can be organized by PDF type titles

Dynamic Proof/Affidavit Generation

We understand that affidavits need to be precise and easily generated.  With the WinServe Plus proof initialization process, you can create your affidavits dynamically and efficiently. Our wizard will guide you through the steps once a Manner of Service is selected.  You have the option of expanding your requirements to include a notary signature box, declaration of mailing and server information.  You can further customize your final affidavit with agent of service and entity information, offer custom door descriptions for postings and reasons for non-service, where applicable. Manipulation of field entry will offer you a unique experience of proof generation with our cutting edge technology!

Custom Invoices & Statements

Whether you select the Initial Investment pricing option or our Out-of-the-Box software solution, you will receive a customized invoice with your company logo and business information to generate upon job completion.  Your invoices are, again, dynamically generated and can be reprinted at anytime.  PDF Statements can be generated on your chosen business cycle, whether weekly, bi-monthly or monthly to round out our Billing and A/R Module for a full solution to your attorney services software needs.


Our Full Circle Solution

Client Web Portal

Are you looking to empower your clients by offering them a secure web based portal that allows them to create new jobs, check real time statuses, track invoices and run their own cost analysis reports online? Our full time development team here at Tristar Software will customize the appearance of your client web portal to match your website and brand. Once your clients familiarize themselves with the client web portal you can expect a dramatic decrease in phone call volume and a significant increase in your company’s marketability. Photos with date/time/GPS stamps, PDFs and online reports are all available for your clients to view. We also offer web portal access for your clients sales executives, attorneys and paralegals, as well as your process servers.

WinServe Mobile

How about a Process Server application for your smartphone? With WinServe Mobile you can feel good about the work your servers do for you. The WinServeMobile app is available for both iOs and Android. Our smartphone app offers the ability for your servers to create their own profile, manage their job routes, include audio recordings, and add GPS coordinate capture (with and without photo attachments). The WinServe Mobile app also includes tools for court service and courier work. WinServe Mobile tracks all styles of work, capturing work flow from the field, offering a secure 2-step process for submitting then syncing due diligence and final attempts.


Accounts Receivable Module

Our accounting module helps to quickly identify and pay invoices. If you’d like to run a standard set of accounting reports, that’s no problem. Whether you need month end summaries, statements, check reconciliation, or journals, we’ve got you covered. WinServe Plus includes street level mileage calculations and flexible billing structures. Our A/R Module is used by companies that push as few as 200 papers a month to those who push over 15,000 papers a month. The module can easily be scaled to companies of all sizes. It includes both Salesman and Process Server commission reports. We make Process Serving Software simple.

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