CaseGator is a private investigation software program that works with you, offering a variety of unique capabilities tailored specifically to compliment your process serving needs as a private investigator. There’s a reason investigators like you are excited to use CaseGator: Simply put, the program offers an efficient task management system, streamlined report generation and a flexible billing solution.

CaseGator software allows your clients to enter new job requests through a secure web portal. You’ll then be able to import the requests and get on the job immediately. Clients can easily check reports and review job statuses online as you publish them. When using our full job tracking order entry system, you have the ability to search cases by defendant, plaintiff, and party or case/file number along with the attorney or firm name. CaseGator extracts data from your reports to create word documents for your files. The program also offers the capability to attach pictures, videos, and recordings to the documents.

The Solution: Effortless published reports, with relevant attachments, that post directly to the web portal for secure access.

We understand private investigation software needs can vary business to business and therefore, offer options for program implementation. CaseGator is a fully integrated module within our service of process software, WinServe/WinServe Plus/WinServe Pro, or can be purchased as a standalone solution to your private investigation software needs.

Looking for another reason to implement our private investigation software? How about our fully functional accounts receivable package with an integrated billing system? CaseGator electronically generates reports reducing paper files and storage. If ever needed, our investigator program has the capability to restore your cases electronically from the system, providing necessary historical data. We back up our cloud based solution nightly in order to ensure your data is always secure.



No Click charges

Order entry module

Flexible report entry module

Integrated Letterhead

Professional style reports

Generate reports to word

Work in progress

Integrated billing module

Built in Accounting

No Double entry

Fast Inquiry Systems

Track parties, addresses, assets, court cases & witnesses

Publish reports, images, video to secure website