Tristar Software Creating Process Server Software since the 80’s

Tristar is a full service software development company specializing in the attorney services industry. We are a team of dedicated developers, analysts, engineers and support professionals. We have been creating software for the legal support industry for over 30 years.


Tristar Software strives to provide a powerful and efficient complete software solution for your attorney service business.


EXPERIENCE. Throughout the years we have learned a great deal about the industry. We have a diverse client base stretching from San Diego to Toronto, San Fransisco to New York, and ranging from service of process to records retrieval and investigations, allowing us to develop program solutions that work for most everyone.

ADAPTABILITY. Just because we’ve been around a while doesn’t mean we’re lazy! Our developers are constantly working on the next version update. The industry has changed over the years and we have made sure to change with it.  It is a process we enjoy being a part of. If you haven’t seen us lately, we encourage you to take a look. You’ll be impressed at how much far we’ve come!

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT. Tristar can and does make custom changes for our clients. Want it your way? Perhaps you don’t want your good idea to be shared with the company down the street. That’s fine, we can handle that!  We have three full time developers who are constantly busy.  Have a need?  We have a solution.

RELIABILITY. Tristar’s programs are secure, reliable and are built atop SQL server. We service companies of all sizes. From start-up new businesses serving 100 papers per month to behemoth enterprises pumping over 14,000 jobs per month, we have a solution for you. With your choice of cloud hosted or local storage options, we’ll work with you to build the environment that works best, for you!

TECHNOLOGY. It is no secret.  We develop cutting edge technology current with today’s industry.  We are the leading software development company providing solutions for you and your business in today’s ever changing attorney’s services industry, to make your experience streamlined and worry-free.





We have SOLUTIONS for:

  • Service of Process
    • Document Recovery & Retrieval
    • Deposition Officers
    • Private Investigations
    • Constables
    • Copy Service Companies
    • Legal Couriers
    • Legal Translation Services
    • Court Reporting
    • Electronic Court Case Filing


  • 1984 – Created first program for the copy service industry.
  • 1985 – Created process serving program on the Alpha Micro systems AMOSoperating system.
  • 1998 – Created our first windows based program. WinServe98
  • 1998 – WinCopy, our Records Retrieval Copy Service program, is released in windows format
  • 2002 – WinServeWeb, our first online client portal for placing orders, checking status and downloading records, is released!
  • 2003 – Created the first “cloud based” version of our software..though it wasn’t termed “cloud” back then!
  • 2007 – Developed our Private Investigations program, CaseGator
  • 2008 – Our first Smartphone application is released
  • 2010 – Released WinServePlus, our 4th generation Windows version of WinServe Process Serving software
  • 2013 – WinserveMobile smartphone application, rebranded, is released – supporting Apple iOs and Android.
  • 2015 – Redesigned WinServeWeb to the latest HTML5/ASP.NET standards
  • 2016 – Created an integrated e-Filing portal with eFileCA Tyler Odyssey system and became an EFSP


2016 –   We’re almost done with the year and we have released a series of features and enhancements, requested by our clients, that have revolutionized our suite of software program solutions.  Check the Tristar BLOG for more current information.


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