winserve mobile v2.0

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Our biggest release yet!  Let’s start with the new interface.  MEOW!  Black on white, easier on the eyes for those process servers working hard after hours! We’ve designed a new sign in page that allows for multiple profile logins.  If you serve papers for different WinServe users, you can house all your logins under company profiles, saved all under one roof without having to logoff and sign back in.  Can we say “Life is Good”? Have you been struggling with the sync functionality and losing your data?  Fret no more.  In the version 2.0 release, you can now log and submit your diligence even when in an area with poor internet connection.  Clicking the Submit Diligence button will save your data locally to the handheld device and create a queue for your submitted work. When you return to an area with good internet access, simply click the SYNC option in your app and the diligence (and all data saved) will then be sent to your company profile’s WinServe Plus program!  Ahhh, let’s breathe.






Written by Irina Nordstrom, Senior Account Executive