Release Notes v872

We listened!!

Version 872 is a significant release full of new features.

Included as follows:

  • Address Auto Completion feature which offers an address dropdown selection menu during the Quick Order entry process
  • PDF Attachment Page Count got a major overhaul! We have included a column for # of pages within each attachment on PDF Attachments within the workorder along with a Calculate # of pages button
  • Due Diligence now offers a DUPLICATE button to copy diligence to another workorder
  • Due Diligence offers an Email Status feature
  • Customized affadavit naming schema is now available (contact us for training on this feature!)
  • There is now an Additional Mailing tab on PROCESS Job Types during Proof Initialization
  • Maintain Server Profile includes Email address column
  • Added search features for Inquiries across all job types
  • Option available to Save Last List View on Orders tab which displays last list view set upon closing and reopening program
  • Auto Email Templates now allows an option to “Enable HTML” making the email configuration an HTML email message allowing useage of tags in the email body
  • Dispatch customized column width now sticks upon entering and exiting the program
  • Customer Profiles now offer a Billing Period Master Account Email for all confirmations
  • Copy Order function will now set the new copied order automatically to an ACTIVE Milestone
  • WinServe + Export to Excel II Report now includes an Open Invoice Report
  • Collection s Module with A/R includes the Customer Phone#