On-boarding Care Copy


Enter stage right>> Care Copy Services>> Inquiring about a simple-to-use records retrieval software that can generate subpoenas for clients, track and expedite orders, create and add cover pages to delivery records and bill carriers for payment all with the desire to remain paperless and utilizing PDF formats.

Enter stage left>>Tristar Software>> Offers WinCopy as an attorney services software solution.

The records retrieval industry is fast paced and requires a solution that increases productivity and profit. We also understand the complexity of implementing software changes, especially with a program that is robust and tailored specifically to this industry. Care copy software must be precise, offering fast order entry and effortless document production. WinCopy is that solution.

“Risk versus Reward”. This contemplative internal conversation should be on every business owners mind when making a decision to implement a new software program. What are the risks associated with my decision? What are the anticipated rewards? At Tristar, we know value comes at a cost. Care Copy Services realized the value of the WinCopy program ….and so the implementation process began.

To successfully onboard a records retrieval client , we offer a step-by-step implementation program tailored specifically to the client, as well as a flexible training schedule. It takes us just a few days to set up the customized client database. During that time, we work with our new client to gather their company logos, letterheads, sample documents and tab delimited customer lists. WinCopy sits atop a Microsoft SQL database. If you are a Mac user, fear not. Many of our clients use Mac. With Care Copy Services, we also included an instructional step to purchase and download a Microsoft Windows 7 parallel prior to installing WinCopy. We also learned that the best solution for success is to install Adobe Reader and make it the default reader when printing documents. Then, we sent out our latest and greatest WinCopy User Manual. That’s when the real fun begins…..

Our training program is tailored to your schedule. For Care Copy Services we provided one-on-one online training sessions, by module, running in 1 hour increments. Our first session began with instruction on how to Set Up and Maintain their newly acquired software system. This included Order Entry instruction and Checking Statuses. Our training sessions are actual live screen shares of our client’s database and therefore, upon completion of the first training, Care Copy Services was able to process subpoenas on that same day! We know that having this power opens up a can of approximately a ga-zillion worms. Where can I find my master list of customers? I have a job that I was subbed to do and I want to bill another copy service. How do I do this? Is there an auto email feature to request status reports? How do I set up billing? Check writing. I’m totally in the dark. Can you help? — Absolutely! Our support team is available 7am-5:30pm PST via phone and email, not only during the implementation process, but throughout the life of our partnership.

Next: Billing Set Up/Invoicing training. This session requires intense focus so make sure you have that ever deserved cup of java. With Care Copy Services, this was the bread and butter of training.

Once Care Copy Services had much of the system down, we dedicated our next session to constructing their package(s) and determining their desired Collation Sequences.

Many of our WinCopy clients choose to include a Client Web Portal. Document retrieval companies need a secure transfer and delivery method, as well as having the ability to securely publish records for download. This is an optional module that Care Copy Services chose to incorporate in their Tristar copy service software, seeing the value in our customized add-on portal. As a growing business, the web portal is an excellent marketing tool for Care Copy Services, and other records retrieval businesses. It’s easy to use and offers secure and professional service.

Surprisingly, time flies when you are having fun and before you know it, you are at month’s end. Care Copy Services is approaching this milestone and will be scheduling their final training session: Accounting Module (Month End).

We are honored to have Care Copy Services as a technology partner.


A note from Care Copy Services:

“Thank you so much, Doug and Irina. You have been so patient and helpful with all of these software changes. It may have been less expensive to choose a different attorney services software in terms of hard dollars, but the opportunity cost I’ve saved in association with your implementation process, as well as the ease of transferring my data and learning a new system through your training program has been priceless. Throughout this total renovation I have been open for business with success. That alone, has been quite impressive. Thank you for your continued support. Doug, you are, by far, the coolest computer wiz I know. It is very difficult to teach people how to use software without controlling the mouse, yet you do it with ease and have the personality behind it. Irina, I thank you for your excellent customer service. I can always hear your smile and it is comforting whilst going through a very scary business venture. “   -Lorin Coleman, Care Copy Services

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” –Theodore Roosevelt

A note from Tristar Software:



Written by Irina Nordstrom