WinservePlus Epouch

WinservePlus Epouch


Tristar Software recognizes the importance of job sharing between WinServe clients. Our development team has taken this need to new heights and successfully improved its development for release as WinServe Plus ePouch! This exclusive feature allows the secure trading of process and court jobs between Tristar clients using WinServe Plus/Pro.

How is this going to work, you ask? From the Dispatch Board, you will discover an option for forwarding a job on ePouch. Behind the scenes, the program will look at the dispatched address and provide a list of approved ePouch users available for selection within a determined mileage radius. Simply select the company to dispatch the job to and BAM! the job is dispatched to the selected ePouch user, notifying them of the new job, including the WorkOrder#.

On the other side of the fence, the receiving ePouch company will have the ability to import these jobs, map the fields to their own nomenclature using our ePouch Import tool and the job will then be added to their own Dispatch Board. Dispatch the Address to a Server, as usual.

All Tristar WinServe Plus/Pro users will automatically be able to SEND work.  To have the ability to RECEIVE work, please notify Tristar Software at support@tristarsoftware.com of your desire to “opt IN” to the ePouch receiving feature.

Pretty cool, you say?  We think so!

If you would like to see exactly how this feature will fit into your business workflow, check out our ePouch YouTube video HERE!



written by Irina Nordstrom

Senior Account Executive, Technical Writer