CalsPro Meet & Greet Invitation

 tristar meet and greet
You are cordially invited to join us!
The California Association of Legal Support Professionals is having its annual meeting in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotel the weekend of October 16th.  Tristar will be there! We think you should come, if you can!   This conference is a great way to network with other legal support professionals and support our growing industry.

Tristar will be hosting a Meet & Greet at the conference on Saturday, October 17th at 5pm.  Swing by our booth to find out how other companies get the most out of their Tristar programs.  Are you in the market for new software and interested in learning more about us?  Come and get to know our clients and ask them how they feel about us.

If you are a WinServe user (or would like to learn more about our service of process software program), we encourage you to stop by check out our E-pouch feature that facilitates the ability to forward and receive work with other Tristar users! If you aren’t using it, you should!

Perhaps you are a WinCopy user (or a company in the Copy Service or Records Retrieval industry).  Have you seen what we’ve done lately?  Come take a look at our task management board and our newly designed online document repository and website for secure record delivery! It’s ah-mazing!

Bottom Line:  We will be there with answers….and goodies from the beautiful Central Coast of California.



Did you know that Tristar has been involved with Calspro (Formerly known as CAPPS) since the 80’s?  Like, totally!   In fact we owe a lot of our early growth to one of Calspro’s founding members, the late Mick Isbell, who hired Tristar to write a program that would help him manage his growing attorney service business.  He loved it so much he encouraged us to come to Calspro and tell everyone about it.  We did!  The rest, is history!
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