CALI 2015



I really appreciate the great show that CALI always puts on. The vendor area was full and we had plenty of visits from the membership. I learned new aspects of PI work and came up with several ideas that would help the PI industry manage their workflow, format their reports, and track and account for their billing. Our software performed well at the show and we gave away three 3-month trial subscriptions to the CaseGator software program. Each company is excited to give our solution a try. We look forward to setting them up this week so they can get the full CaseGator experience. In the last three months of development and design we have completed work on an integrated dispatch and smart phone solution for our PI software. Members were impressed with the voice-to-text features within the app. Several had ideas of how to collect a transcribed witness statement directly from the app. It appears as though our software is well suited to their field needs and when coupling that solution with our dispatch, report generation and billing functionality CaseGator is a true turn-key solution for the private investigations industry. Beyond the networking and positive atmosphere at the show, I want to compliment the CALI organization for providing Tristar an opportunity to speak before the entire audience and allowed extended time to share our solutions to the companies that attended. I specifically want to compliment them on their food provision, the breakfast buffet was by far the best I have ever had at a trade show! Tristar Software is planning several online group presentations of CaseGator over the next few weeks and we will be visiting local chapters of CALI over the summer months to present our software solutions. Overall, the CALI show was an awesome experience and we hope to provide our unique software solution to more members of the PI industry over the next few months.


Written by Doug Livengood, Systems Analyst