Back up your data


Do you have your own server? Or are you operating on the Tristar cloud?  Here’s a true story of one client who’s hard drive failure led to {what could have been} a domino effect of disaster recovery.  Lesson learned = ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA

A valued client in Monterey County knew better than to let that action slide and made sure to always back up their data every night at 2am.  Never thinking that day would come, yet protecting her business if it would.  Enter >>The unexpected death of their hard drive.  This consequently caused a RAID controller failure and the ultimate passing of their onsite server(s).  That’s when the panic set in and Tristar Software was ready to help out a technology partner.

It took a full day to migrate their 30 gigabytes of data but Tristar came to the rescue and was able to make it happen!  We were able to get their business data migrated to our cloud server and they are now back up and running.  Business as usual.

Pass the experience and knowledge on to your colleagues and protect your business with best business practices always. You just never know….


Written by Irina Nordstrom