Address Verification


Address Verification

Tristar Address Verification

How helpful would it be to make sure that the address you assigned your server to was an actual address? How much time and money could you save if you never again sent your server to an incorrect or non existent address? Well Tristar Software is here to help. With our new address verification module you can have the address checked against a national database of known addresses. Eliminating the bad addresses or typos that are costing you time and money. Ask about a demo and the cost of the new Address Verification Module in WinServePlus.


Just type the address you have into the street box of the servee address and then hot “Verify Address”. The program will then check the address you have entered against the USPS registered address database and return either an address good or address bad message. If it is a good address then the program will then populate all of the appropriate fields in the address screen including the zip code. If the address does not check out you will get an error message letting you know that the address failed.

You then have 2 options. You can verify that the address you have or have entered is correct and make edits if it is not, or you can override the error message and proceed.


Just one more feature that Tristar Software offers to help you save time and money and serve your clients better.



Address Verification

Your job just got easier.



“You guys made me look good for my client today. She gave me a bad address but we were able to flag it on time,  we adjusted the documents, re-filed, and served the guy all without delaying the case!”