Accounting Module – Complete AR Module for your Attorney Service Company

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Accounting Module

Our full featured Accounting Module is an excellent compliment to our Attorney Service Software Suite.  It was built from the ground up around the Attorney service industry. The software tracks all invoices and payments allowing you to easily manage your accounts and keep your books up to date.  The system is based on the calendar month and includes standard accounting reports. Open Items, Monthly Activity, Sales Tax reports, Branch Office reports are examples of said reports.  Expandability and customization allow virtually any sized company to have all tools they need to present a high quality, professional image.  You can give your clients customized statements; one statement for all, or individual custom statements for that high caliber client you need to keep happy.  You can even set up retainers, calculate finance charges or create your own income accounts or “buckets”.


We have built in a way to generate custom excel reports for those managers who need to analyze sales and customer relations data.  Let us know what you need and we can add the report to your system.  The Month End routine is a simple and quick process, just a few clicks and then print statements all at once.  There is a function to add finance charges to some, all or none of your clients.  A retainer’s function allows you to click on button and add an item to the account of each client who is on a retainer.  There is a built in system for automatically generating commissions.  Included is an extensive search capability for finding that odd order with unusual payment history, or any other bit of information needed.


The Apply Cash function allows for a wide variety of ways to apply your customers check to their invoices.  Easily select dozens or hundreds of invoices and make the large customer payment a breeze.  The function will automatically modify the accounts when a check is slightly over or under, or give credits on account if needed.  Like our mainline programs, the Accounts Receivable module has more than a dozen years of development and is being used to process literally millions of dollars per month.  You can feel safe and relaxed with its reliability, functionality and stability.  Our Accounting Module is integrated with all of our programs so it doesn’t matter if you’re a records retrieval or copy service company using Wincopy, or a process serving agency using Winserve, our Accounting program has the tools you need to stay on top of your accounts receivable.