855 Release Notes

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Process Server Software

855 Release Notes

Imagine cutting your month end processing time in half. Imagine cutting your postage and delivery time to zero.

In version 8.55 we rolled out a new Email statement function with our version 8.55 update. This optional feature helps you by formatting all of your statements directly to PDF then either printing or emailing them to your customer. Features include PDF copies of all statements and user definable email message formatting. Finally, this software integrates with our new customer notes screen so you can get a customer note each time you print statements for the customer.  Contact Tristar for a more detailed discussion of how this optional feature can cut your month end processing time and improve  your bottom line.



You group customers together based on the type of statement they receive.

You create email templates (create your own greeting, tell them how much they owe, etc)

When executed the system will quickly generate a pdf statement for each client and email statements for your customers who are configured as such.

The system will then put a status on the client, letting you know when and to whom the statement was emailed.



No more spending hours preparing statements, stuffing and licking envelopes and spending money on stamps.

It’s faster.  It saves money.  With the customer CRM log feature, it is more efficient.


“It’s F’ing  <(positive expletive)>!!!”   – Esteban Pujol, Commercial Process Serving.