5 Mistakes Attorney Service Companies make

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No one said running an Attorney Service Company would be easy!

5 Mistakes Attorney Service Companies Make


1 Missing a Mission Statement Every company starts with an idea. Why do you do what you do? Brainstorm and create that core idea. This is your mission statement. As you start to grow, that idea may change. Make sure you write it down. Set goals for your attorney services business. Create a plan on how to accomplish those goals. They should include a pyramid of daily goals, small monthly goals and those large, annual ones. Develop a set of action items that will ultimately lead you to your definition of success. Then incorporate your ideas and go for it. If you want to be the top rated process service company in your area, you gotta work for it!


2 Creating Foes Instead of Friends Building a strong affiliate network with other service of process and copy service companies is essential for the success of your business, especially in the attorney service industry. Networking across the whole gamut of litigation support will only extend your business offerings and, when chosen well, can help improve you in the eyes of your customers. Affiliate relationships can create a symbiotic relationship that helps both firms achieve their goals and those referrals can create a continuous heartbeat for your growing business.


3 Operating on a Tunnel Vision Business Model Creating a well rounded business model will provide a more complete influx of revenue for your company. Do not pick a single service and instead, consider other services that could help diversify your company and help protect you from changes in economy or industry.  Include in your business practices a set of ancillary services. For example, if you are a process server, why not have a mobile notary, or include some legal courier work? If you are a photocopy service company, why not learn about worker’s compensation and medical authorizations? Additional services can help drive more of your primary work to your company as each customer looks to you because of your excellent service, competent staff and solid sales efforts.


4 Cutting Corners You can’t do this alone and you need to hire ethical, honest, diligent people. Your service should be top notch and professional across all lines of your business, whether it’s service of process, photocopy services or private investigation. You need people you can rely in all aspects of your business. An attorney service is often only as good as the people and relationships they have made over the years. Don’t try to buy a company and end up losing the brand that brought in the customer. You should have solid sales people and a manager that can turn the sales person’s promises into reality. The most successful companies with strong growth and expanding markets across wide regions, achieve their growth by finding the right people in the new region and providing them the tools and support they need to make the new initiative a success.


5 Lack of Technology In this business, you need software. In order to reach your goals and accomplish your mission, you need to the right tools.  These tools often include technology that can help increase your staff’s efficiency and provide your client with the information they need, when they need it.  A software program should have the key features and functionality that makes your job easier.  Technical support is also essential with any technology solution. You shouldn’t have to be an expert in technology to reach your goals, but you should have a technology partner working with your company that can meet those needs.



Irina Nordstrom

Technical Writer